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  • mom:meet me in the pit? mitachondria is the powerhouse of the cell?? makoto tachibana??? what?!?
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    "nick/sarita/rebecca/sarah’s deaths arent poorly written they just show how anyone kind die and the world doesnt stop for you just because it does"

    no. see thats what LEE’S death was. lee was the ultimate unexpected death because he was us, and him dying truly stripped the control from our hands and made us realize how the story doesn’t stop for him, it doesn’t work out the right way just because he’s the “hero” of the story. but he left an impact on CLEMENTINE. even in a world where he was nothing but another causality,we were satisfied because we’d taken care of this little girl right up to the very end and we knew she would never forget us.

    the walking dead game is not real life. it is a STORY. and stories need themes, they need concise characterization, they need neat arcs that show a development from the beginng to the end.

    nick, sarita, rebecca, and sarah did NOT get those. when we say their deaths were meaningless, we are not referring to the context of what’s happening. of course their deaths would be meaningless-everyone’s death is meaningless in the end. we are talking in terms of STORY-TELLING.

    you don’t set up arcs just to drop them. you don’t put obvious foreshadowing and chekov’s guns to do nothing with them. you don’t create characters solely to exist for the furthered development of another. you do not limit a character by defining their role as ‘mother’, ‘girlfriend’, or ‘best friend’.

    i am not speaking as a fan as i type this. i am speaking as an english/creative writing major. this was an instance of sheer bad writing and i find it pitiable that telltale doesn’t respect their own characters enough to utilize them to their full potential.

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    the meek inherit nothing, be bold

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    Pop Art Sailor Moon time! I can’t decide which one I like better! Why not stack them together!? XD

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    Each of you needs to be willing to die. Anything less...and you're already dead.
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    I’m already mad at how much money I’m gonna be spending on video games. 

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    Sailor Moon Crystal: Tuxedo Kamen mascara

    Mascara I could never bring myself to use (like the rest of my SM makeup -_-)

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    Family got me a Vita, so now I have no alignment in the console wars \o/

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    First drink 🍹 Long Island Rum Tea

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    Elizabeth Báthory is one of the most prolific serial killers in all of history.

    She was born into nobility and was highly educated but also very vain.

    One day, infuriated, Elizabeth struck one of her servant girls so hard that some blood dripped from her face onto Elizabeth’s hand and she immediately thought that her skin took on a glowing freshness of her young maid.

    Elizabeth believed she had found the secret of eternal youth. After this, women were abducted and hung upside down, while they were still alive and their throats were slit to prepare Elizabeth’s bath.

    The Countess of Transylvania and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with one witness attributing to them over 650 victims, though the number for which they were convicted was 80. Elizabeth herself was neither tried nor convicted.

    Can I just time in here and say a few things, since half of what is written here is straight from the wikipedia page, which don’t get me wrong —it’s accurate— but extremely underwhelming.

    “Elizabeth” Erzebet Bathory was so much more than some vain bitch who killed over 650 women, she was a vain bitch who could speak and write more than two languages, in a time where a woman writing one was unheard of. She was raised mostly by her very infamous openly bisexual aunt, and was a torturer and a murderer before she was 14 (rumored).

    This woman was the person who made the villagers quake in both fear and revelation, that the courts refused to take action against when young girls started dissapearing, when bodies started being found. She OWNED the country, her family was richer then even the Lords presiding over it, she had all the say.

    Her and her ‘accomplices” (which by the way, they were extremely trusted, and unlike her, they were executed without mercy when the truth came out), would gather village children who their parents practically threw their way in hopes of a better future, although the children would never live again. She didn’t only hang them, she caged them, used iron maidens, spears, so many different objects. And the whole ‘bathing in blood’ thing, although is technically can be true, that and the whole striking her maid is all exagerrated to add to the story. Her and her husband got off to killing, literally, they liked the screams. If she bathed in blood, it wasn’t to be younger, it was to enjoy their life ending. Not to say she wasn’t vain, but for good reason. She was considered the most beautiful woman in Hungary for all of her days.

    And she technically was tried, although as I said before she practically owned the country, they couldn’t actually kill her. But she had killed another young girl of noble blood, and that couldn’t just be set aside. So instead of execution, they sentenced her to house arrest for the rest of her days, unable to punish her for all the women she had killed.

    Also, she had three children, and regardless of her murderous ways it was said that she had been a wonderful, loving mother. Strange how the ‘vain blood mistress’ can be more than just, isn’t it?

    I could go on and on about this woman, I’ve read and watched basically everything pertaining to her due to reports and essays that I wrote when I was younger, and even though she was a horrifying murderer, she deserves a bit more than ‘blood bitch’.

    It’s also interesting to note that one of her descendents feels so bad about what his ancestor did that he donates blood as often as humanly possible.

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    I just ironed my clothes with a flatiron, like for hair.

    Welcome to adulthood me.

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    Jane tells Clementine a joke

    Oh Clem speaking at the end lol I love it!